All across the world, literary agents are a vital part of the publishing business and though the concept is new to Indian publishers, there is little doubt that there is now a growing need for professional agents. Publishers internationally rarely accept unsolicited manuscripts directly from authors. They use reliable agents who vet, assess and edit the manuscripts presented, thus ensuring that they have value and will sell.

The agents at Red Ink are experienced publishing / editorial professionals fully conversant with the requirements of the local and international publishing world.

For all authors accepted in the agency RED INK will provide an initial assessment of your work, editorial advice and then look for the right publisher for your work - locally and internationally. Red Ink will try to negotiate the best terms on your behalf, thus providing a complete interface between author and publisher.  


We look for manuscripts of high quality and are always interested in original new ideas.

Please DO NOT send us poetry, plays, screenplay and short stories. Our client publishers are presently not accepting these.
# We are presently not handling children's literature. However the YA genre is open for submissions.
# Regional language translations will be considered only if the work is first accepted in English by the agency.
# An agent will connect with you if your manuscript is found suitable to our present scope of work.
# Please allow us thirty days for the evaluation of your proposal.
# Please allow us sixty days (additional) for evaluation of your manuscript - when the complete manuscript is requested by an agent.
# Please DO NOT send us any manuscripts or files with artworks / designs / page make-up styling / page borders etc. 
# If you do not hear from us within 30 days of the auto reply, please consider the work as not accepted.
# The Red Ink Literary and Film Agency does not charge a reading fee.


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